Connect to the MySQL on Docker with CMD

Docker 7 มิ.ย. 2019

I connect to the bash into the running MySQL container:

$ docker exec -t -icontainer_mysql_name/bin/bash

-i is the shortcut for --interactive option. This options is used for keep STDIN open even if not attached

-t is the shortcut for --tty option, used to allocate a pseudo-TTY

I run MySQL client from bash MySQL container:

$ mysql -uroot -proot

-u is shortcut for --user=name option, used to define user for login if not current user.

-p is shortcut for -password[=name] option, used to define password to use when connecting to server. If password is not given it’s asked from the tty.


$ docker exec -t -i container_mysql_name /bin/bash -c "mysql -uroot -proot"



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