PyroCMS install Folder Permissions

PHP 30 เม.ย. 2013

Folder Permissions Set to 0777 for writable
Before PyroCMS can be installed you need to make sure that certain files and folders are writeable, these files and folders are listed below. Make sure any subfolders have the correct permissions too !

  • system/cms/cache
  • system/cms/config
  • addons
  • assets/cache
  • uploads

File Permissions
The CHMOD values of the following file must be changed to 666. It’s very important to change the file permissions of the config file before continuing with the installation.

  • system/cms/config/config.php Not writable

chmod 777 system/cms/cache
chmod 777 system/cms/config
chmod 777 addons
chmod 777 assets/cache
chmod 777 uploads
chmod 666 system/cms/config/config.php




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